Invitation for
Exercise ”Blue Nail 2022”

25 - 27. FEBRUAR 2022

Home guard district South East Jutland (HDSEJ) has the pleasure to invite you to participate in Exercise Blue Nail 2022.

1. Location

    • The exercise will be held within the HDSEJ area of responsibility
    • Meeting point will be sent to all registered teams on Feb. 3 th 2022


2. Registration

    • To register:
      1. Registration of teams no later than Feb. 1st 2022 to email
      2. To register as enemy forces, mail your contact information to email: . There is a maximum limit on number of participants for this purpose
      3. Command Central personnel – Post assistant etc. – sign up with Bjarne Andresen at mail
      4. Remember to get permission to enter Denmark as military personnel through your own unit.


3. Dates and times

    • Enrollment begins Friday at 17:30 (foreign teams and other teams that have an agreement with the Exercise Control Team to borrow weapons, must be present no later than 15:00)
    • Briefing of all participants/teams at approx. 19:00
    • Exercise overview
      1. STARTEX Friday at 20:00 all posts opens
      2. Saturday at 07:30 the posts closes and the participating teams lie over the day in the field (enemy forces will be active and will attempt to catch the participants)
      3. Saturday at 18:00 the posts re-opens
      4. ENDEX at 08:00 Sunday morning
      5. At 09:00 breakfast is served for all
      6. At approx. 10:00 winners are announced and awarded


4. Sheltering

    • The teams must bring their own shelter equipment
    • The teams that have to exit the competition are offered shelter at the headquarter until ENDEX
    • A team that wishes to sleep a few hours at the headquarter after the exercise, before heading home, must notify the Exercise Control Team as soon as possible


5. Provisions

    • The participating teams will be issued pre-packed food, but the team is free to bring their own provisions
    • Enemy forces (OPFOR) will be given field rations (some units will bring their own field rations, arrange this with Enemy Forces Coordinator . KN Frits Nissen email:
    • Post personnel and personnel at the Command Central (KSN) will be serviced by the exercise catering group


6. Transportation

    • Transportation to and from the exercise is paid for by the participant or the participating unit/nation


7. Dress

    • Battle uniform with boots – basic outfit or combat vest minus helmet


8. Equipment

      • The teams are recommended to bring a cell phone for emergency use. The cell phone must be stowed away and may only be used in an emergency
      • The teams may not bring or use any type of GPS devices or night vision equipment (optical sights are allowed)
      • Any items the team brings with them will have to be carried by the team all the way. It is our experience that shelter equipment, dry clothes and clothes for water passage is necessary for the team to complete the exercise
      • During the entire exercise it is mandatory to use protective eyewear, and each participant must bring their own
      • All participants must have Military ID card with them at all times.
      • All items must – all together (exclusive food and water) – be carried in a Backpack/combat vest/Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) and weigh at least 10 kg. This will be inspected during the exercise


9 . Language

      • The language during the exercise will be Danish and English


10. Participants

    • Two types of teams may enter
      1. 2-person team, if one person leaves, the team is out
      2. 6-person team, the team may lose one participant during the exercise and still complete
      3. Teams that leave the competition may in some cases switch over and participate as enemy forces
    • Units from all branches of the Danish Home Guards may participate
    • Units from all branches of Army, Air and Navy forces may participate
    • Foreign units
      1. The foreign units must appoint a contact person to be in charge of communication with the Exercise Control Team
      2. The contact person agrees with the Exercise Control team on the number of teams entering
      3. The contact person is in charge of securing that all participants from the foreign unit have their insurance papers, travel papers and other relevant documentation in order prior to participation
    • The Exercise Control Team has defined a maximum number of participants from each country. Allowing Germany a total of 60 participants in the traditional EX Blue Nail - not included posts and Enemy Forces.


11. Content

    • The exercise will encompass between 8 and 14 posts some of which may be unmanned posts
      1. The manned posts can be focusing on first aid – shooting – orientation – explosives – armor/airplane/ship identification and many other tasks
    • The route will again this year be about 40 km air line
    • Approximately 250 participants will be enemy forces and attempt to catch the participating teams


Best regards

Bjarne Andresen
Officer Commanding EX Blue Nail




    1. 10 / 3 (firing blank rounds requires no personnel within a distance of 10 m forward and 3 m to each side)
    2. Infights are prohibited
    3. If damages occur then contact the Command Central (KSN) possibly via the post personnel
    4. If major damage occurs call 112 (Alarm central), and then contact the KSN
        • a) Inform about
          • Who is calling
          • Where are you calling from (address)
          • What happened
          • How many are injured
    5. Nobody leaves the exercise before signing out at the KSN
    6. Crossing a highway or railway must be done at the specially marked over/under passages
    7. Emergency information envelopes are distributed to all participants
    8. Safety eyewear must be worn during the entire exercise



    1. Between 0 and 100 points are given at each post
    2. 100 penalty points are given for being captured
    3. Debriefing gives between 1 and 100 points
    4. Penalty points are given if 2 teams cooperate, and it is up to the teams to prove their innocence


General information:

  1. Each team consists of 2 or 6 persons
    • 2-person team
      • If one is out, the team is out
    • 6-person team
      • If more than one is out, the team is out
      • If one person wishes to leave the exercise, then the team moves forward to the next post, where transportation to KSN will be provided
  2. The team is considered as caught if the team is at closer range than 10 m to the enemy
  3. It is therefore not a good idea to seek contact (attempting to defeat) with the enemy
  4. 1 map is issued to each team
  5. There will only be handed out the necessary minimum quantity of ammunition and provisions at the beginning of the exercise


Exercise Leader

PL Bjarne Andresen
Johs. Ewalds Vej 14
7000 Fredericia
Mobil: +45 26 19 90 59

Exercise Control Team

OS Jan Ømand
I. P. Hartmanns Vej 16
7000 Fredericia
Mobil: +45 41 57 07 64


Enemy Leader (OPFOR)

KN Frits Nissen
Mobil: +45 51 18 80 16


Army Home Guards District South East Jutland HDSEJ
Niels Finsensvej 4
7100 Vejle
Tlf: +45 76 43 77 00 Officer in charge HDSEJ +45 41 31 88 20